Sunday, October 2, 2016

Some of my Favorites from this Pumpkin Spice Season

I have bee a bit remiss in updating this blog, but not in partaking of the pumpkin spice products.  So as a bit of a haphazard update, here are my top three favorites so far.

1: Milano cookies.

Nothing new here but these cookie continue to be my 'go to' pumpkin spice treat for their flavor, texture and overall craveability. I have tried a lot of different cookies, but these remain the best. Butter cookie + pumpkin spice icing + chocolate icing = the perfect P S snack.

2: Long Grove

But I also have a new favorite discovered just this year. Long Grove Confectionery Company takes the Oreo style pumpkin spice sandwich cookie up a notch by dipping the whole thing in a pumpkin spice flavored white-chocolatey coating. I found thse i a Jewel Osco supermarket. Weirdly I now cannot find these cookies on the Long Grove website or anywhere else online.  So I only have this picture of the wrapper to prove I didn't make the whole thing up.

3: Febreze Pumpkin Bliss

The best large brand scent in this category is, for me, Febreze.  I prefer a spicy, less pie-like, aroma.  It is available in many forms like spray and candle.  But my favorite is he simple sachet and holder (no electricity required) that can be easily used i a car or office.  The scent is noticeable, but not over-powering, and long lasting.  Also he 'scratch and sniff' sticker is an adorable selling feature.

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