Wednesday, September 6, 2017

September 5th, and So it Begins

The modern pumpkin spice trend was instigated by Starbuck's invention of the pumpkin spice latte in 2003.  This makes Starbucks like the Pope of PSL doctrine, including the timing of the first day of the pumpkin spice season, as marked by the first day the pumpkin spice latte is available in all of their stores nationwide.

Like any religious event there is sometimes a little wiggle room on the timing, but typically the first day is September first. In 2014 there was the great premature spice-ifi-cation when they launched the seasonal drink on August 25th, before reverting to the usual schedule.

This year there was an inexplicable delay and the launch was September 5th.  Is this a bad omen? Only time will tell. You can probably still squeeze int he time to get a few PSL lattes before the vanish again in mid-December.

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